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About Me...

How did I choose this career?


I am a fully qualified and insured Masterson Method® Practitioner. Horses have been my life from a young age and I have always wanted to spend my life doing something to help them. So when I discovered how The Masterson Method® worked and saw how relaxed, happy and comfortable horses were after a session, I knew it was the career I wanted.


I have ridden horses for as long as I can remember and I was lucky enough to get my first pony, Chester (pictured above), at the age of 12. Over the years, we had a lot of fun together. When I began to struggle with anxiety and depression, Chester was the reason I kept going. I owe everything to him… because of this, when Chester began to get arthritis, I was trying everything I could to help him.


I then came across The Masterson Method and decided to get a practitioner out to do as session with him. I couldn’t believe the difference in him! A couple of days later he was running around in the field like his younger self (I hadn’t seen him do this for a good couple of years) and he was finally able to pick up his hind legs without trouble. His mobility had improved so much after one session and he seemed genuinely happier in himself. I had finally found something that worked and that he enjoyed!


That was when I fell in love with this technique and how it can impact the horses well being in such a positive way. I started training as soon as I could and now I wouldn't want to do any other job.




My experience with horses:


As mentioned above, I have ridden from a very young age and owned my first pony at the age of 12. We competed together over the years and we even got to go to the Pony Club National Championships! I worked at our livery yard throughout my teenage years, gaining experience with handling all sorts of horses.


Whilst training for Masterson Method, I worked as a freelance groom/rider and gained experience on many different yards (including stud, dressage and eventing). 


I now have three of my own horses… Chester (who is now 28!), Oakley (my youngster that I’m hoping to event) and Secret (a little Shetland). 


After backing my own youngsters over the years, my next venture is to also offer a professional backing service to my clients. I would also like to gain further qualifications in all areas of horse welfare, including nutrition, hoof health, teeth, saddle fitting and more anatomy and biomechanics courses. So lots of exciting things ahead for my journey as an equestrian!

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